Maryam has successfully represented clients in a variety of legal disputes, including in claims related to:


Maryam has considerable experience in immigration law, She gained much of this experience working full time as a clerk for an immigration attorney in the period she attended law school. During that time frame, Maryam assembled over seventy asylum applications on behalf of clients, a significantly high percentage of which was approved.

Maryam currently assists clients in all aspects of immigration law, including applications related to requests for naturalization, permanent residency, immigrant and a variety of non-immigrant visas, and asylum and withholding of deportation/removal requests.


Maryam dedicates a significant percentage of her practice to employment law matters. Maryam counsels small and medium-sized businesses throughout the San Jose bay area. On a selective basis, she represents employees with valid claims that their workplace rights have been violated.

Maryam represents employees as individuals, and where appropriate, in representative actions. Most recently, she has filed a putative class action against The Hertz Corporation on behalf of some of the company's employees. The complaint states claims pertaining to the company's failure to pay overtime premiums and failure to reimburse the plaintiffs for incurred business expenses.

For employers, Maryam helps anticipate and identify areas of potential liability to employees under state and federal law, and offers cost-effective solutions that can avoid compliance problems and minimize the risk of a lawsuit. Maryam can train your managers, supervisors, and human resources personnel about the right and wrong ways to handle such matters as pregnancy leave, disability accommodations, and complaints of discrimination or sexual harassment.

Maryam can also draft employee handbooks or personnel policy manuals that reflect the realities of your business needs and management style while giving your entire staff a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities. An important objective of the policies spelled out in an employee handbook is to prevent wrongful termination complaints through a clear and practical explanation of employment at will under California law.

Maryam negotiates, drafts, and enforces your rights under management or professional employee contracts, arbitration agreements, non-solicitation agreements, confidentiality covenants, and independent contractor or employment agreements. When necessary, Maryam can also negotiate and document severance agreements to resolve or avoid employment disputes.

For employees, Maryam's experience in employment law and commitment to a highly professional client service can represent an advantage in the investigation and presentation of workplace rights claims involving age or race/national origin discrimination, disability discrimination, sex/gender discrimination, sexual harassment, employer retaliation, rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act or Americans with Disabilities Act, or wage and hour and meal or rest break violations.

Maryam can help you resolve your problem on the basis of your rights under state and federal law. If Maryam is unable to achieve a negotiated settlement of your claim, she can pursue your rights in court.

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