The Karson Law Firm, represented by Maryam S. Karson, offers accessible, affordable and diligent legal representation in employment law matters

• Accessible: Maryam is aware that when you have a pressing question about an employment law issue, you don’t have time to wait for action or updates. Maryam is responsive to your needs. When you become her client, you will be able to contact her on her cell phone and talk to her directly. If she is unavailable, you will get a prompt response.

• Affordable: Maryam has significant academic credentials and years of legal experience and is dedicated to providing you with sound legal advice, thorough and detail-oriented work, and zealous courtroom representation. Her strength is her knowledge coupled with her dedication to meet your employment law needs at a reasonable rate.

• Diligent: Maryam works tirelessly to get you the results you deserve and desire. She has access to the information, experts and resources needed to accomplish your goals.

• Negotiations or Trial: Client Goals are Always Paramount

Maryam is committed to representing you effectively, whether during negotiations or in the courtroom. However, she never puts her clients in a litigation posture that does not advance their interests in practical and tangible ways. If you face an employment law issue, Maryam will advise you of your options and risks and then develop a strategy designed to achieve your goals.

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